Payment plans is a service provided by the PDC – Global Division as a method to help students. This service is a privilege and might not be provided in certain events. Please ask the organizer of the event if this service is provided in the event you intended to attend.

Rules and Regulations:

1-     Payment plans are limited for programs that cost more than $250 per program or if the student is registering in more than one program at the same event and the total sum exceed $250

2-     Payment plans are limited for international students in the U.S.

3-     Payment plans are 2 Payment Steps, First payment (%50) must be paid during the check-in process, second payment must be paid after one month from the program original date.

4-     No refunds

5-     In cause a student provided checks or credit card information that does not hold sufficient financial amounts will be resolved by one attempt from PDC – Global division to allow the student to resolve the issue with the bank. If the issue was not resolved then legal actions will be considered.

6-     Certificates will not be issued if the payments are not paid in full.

7-     In cause of delaying payments, the cost of sending the certificate by mail will be the student responsibility and extra charges may apply.